Welcome to TFA

Hello and welcome to the inside! I am so excited to have you. Thanks for signing up, and congratulations for investing in your own future. You know, just by doing this, I know that you are among a special group of less than 10% of people who want to go further in their life. I hope to get to know you personally, and I hope you will love The Future Academy™ and the TFA Training Club. 

Please watch this video first. Here are some things I recommend you to do, if you are new to TFA. 

1. Introduce yourself to the community
This community only works when people engage. You will get what you put in. There are so many incredible people here, and I know that of you only connected with a few of them, that in itself would make this investment worth it for you. Make sure you check in often, share your ideas, comment, ask questions, set up forums, whatever you want. This community is for you! 

2. Get familiar with the platform
This platform has a few different sections. Let me quickly explain how it all works.

a) Courses
Here you will find online courses and programs that you can go through at your own pace. If you don’t have access to something you want, you can simply purchase access and dive in right away.

b) Channels
The Channels are built around the most important areas of your business, and your personal growth. Each Channel has two different purposes; there is a channel for Training, and there is one for group engagement. 

Every week, we upload a new training into one of the Channels. We’re building a complete library that you can use to troubleshoot, innovate and build your brand, your business, and your personal growth. 

There are also Groups with the same Channel name. They exist for the purpose of organising discussions under different themes. For example, if you watch a training from The Innovation Channel, go to The Innovation Channel Group to discuss, ask questions, get support, etc. This way, the service will stay neat, and you’ll always find the help you are looking for. 

c) Social 
You will find a social feed that works just like Facebook or LinkedIn. This is for you to use just as you please. You can create your own profile, connect and follow people, and you can send direct messages. Just remember to tag people using the @ sign. 

d) Live
Every now and then, we will organise live broadcasts, webinars and training. There is a dedicated page for this, and we’ll always let you know when the live sessions take place. 

e) Content
You will also find pages with articles, tools, and other content. 

f) Suggest what you would like to see here
We’re always looking to improve the service and make it serve in in the best possible way. Please give us feedback, and reach out with suggestions and ideas for making it better. We live for progress and growth…as you probably do too. 

Again, welcome to TFA. Now, let’s go build that future you dream of!